2 Channel Audio

2 Channel Listen to any of our stereo systems, you'll immediately feel more at ease and begin to relax.
Our philosophy hinges on convincing the brain each note it hears is live,
organic music being played right in the living room.
That's why, thanks to our knowledge of what components complement each other,
we can confidently install setups that outperform many much pricier systems.
Budget will decide how far you may take this adventure today,
but it will not stop an inexpensive system providing audiophile audio in your home or cottage.

It's the closest thing to a concert in your living room.

Home Theatre

Mark's Theatre

Although most people know what home theatre is, few are privy to how good a home theatre can be at a very reasonable price.

Many companies try to sell big screen television and mediocre sounding equipment;
they call this home theatre but we beg to differ. Come and visit our show home
and see what real home theatre looks and sounds like.

Vist our galleries to view some examples of true home theatre-we designed and installed them all.

Networked House

Remove those Wires For the last few years, whenever a customer calls frustrated by their equipment, it almost always involves their network.
Services such as Netflix, Rdio and Skype are fantastic but keeping a constant, reliable connection
can be tricky. Purchasing and setting up this equipment is
made more daunting when new technologies seem to appear every week.
At Sounds Amazing, we can provide simple web access, extend wireless across your property, wire for
whole home audio/video distribution and automation-all depending on your needs.
We use industry leading equipment that really shows how inferior Bell and Rogers
provided routers are when it comes to reliability, speed and ease of use.
We even install wireless antennas onto your roof to boost cell reception,
perfect for streaming music at the cottage.

Struggling with buffering and dropped connections? Leave it to us.

Home Automation

TV Tablet
The promise of home automation has finally arrived. This is more than just an app to check your thermostat,
this is a tailor-made smart home that you don't just control, it reacts silently and effortlessly to improve your home.
Here are a few user examples:

Pipe audio and video throughout the home, including party modes and resume between rooms.
Wake you in the morning with music, tune to radio during school bus annoucements,
start coffeemaker and adjust thermostat from cooler nightime temperature.

Send alerts if windows, doors, or garage door are left open/unlocked alarms off.

Automatically close garage or lock doors after preset amount of time.

Remote login for IP cameras, recording in secure site.

Inform who has unlocked doors, send alerts.
Controlling the thermostat, fans, and blinds can lead to 33% energy savings throughout
the year without having to adjust a single setting.

Home energy monitoring.

Indoor/outdoor temperature, wind speed, rain sensing.

Control all TV's, projectors, Blu-Ray, cable boxes etc for one button watching, whole home audio control.

Limit capability of controllers, for example maid can open door between 10am and 4pm, children can only access certain channels or internet at certain times.

Automate sprinklers, with simple on/off overides, capable of activating on certain days, disable during rain etc.
Playing an audio reminder in the house on recyling collection day. These are just some of the many applications, and we are always happy to accomodate demanding scenarios off the shelf systems like control 4 couldn't handle.

Come and visit. You will be glad you did.